“When working together, ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things.”
Barak Obama

Our goals

Our association aims to provide aid and support, both to people and animals, in all parts of the world where access to basic standards of a dignified life are difficult or non-existent. 

Our actions, carried out on our own or in support of other associations, can take the form of donations, distributions of essential goods, provide help on a construction or a renovation project, or even awareness raising and training.

The subject is vast… infinite!  We have chosen to approach it “in our own way”, by carrying out “very targeted small actions” where we intervene from the beginning to the end: choosing the project, raising funds, finding sponsors, negotiating purchases, distribution in person. No or very few intermediaries, themselves volunteers. We will not give money to other associations. 

Halo - Help4All is a non-profit, charity and humanitarian aid association, registered with number W313037343 under French law 1901.

Our key values and commitment

In all our actions we subscribe to the fundamental values of humanitarianism.
These values are our driving force, driving us forward every day and contributing to a more caring and humane world.

We are non-religious, independent and non-political.

Our commitment:
- Be present from the beginning to the end of projects - from fundraising to distribution.
- All donations received will be fully allocated to our projects. We are personally responsible for all our travel expenses and do not have any structural expenses or employees.
- We will never give money to a third person or organization; if we collaborate with other associations, their support will be completely voluntary and will not involve any compensation on our part.
- A detailed report (objectives, revenues, expenses, results achieved) will be prepared for each project, presented at the Annual General Meeting, published on our website, and emailed to each donor.

Our history

During our travels we have often observed situations of poverty such that the priority is given to survival rather than comfort.

Motivated by the desire to improve the lives of those in need, we want to commit ourselves to providing concrete assistance within the best of our abilities. 

We will give our  time, energy and efforts on creating eco-friendly projects and having a positive impact on peoples lives.
But we also rely on the generosity of all to make things hapen.

Alone, we will be able to impact a few lives.  With you, we will impact the lives of many!

Our team

Isabel - Founder & President

Creative and enthusiastic, Isabel loves to handle communication and social media. She sets projects and creates partnerships as well.

Vincent - Founder, Secretary & Treasurer

Rigorous and great with numbers, Vincent ensures, among other things, the proper administrative and financial functioning of the association. He is also always ready for a nice DIY project.

Robert - Kenya contact

Empathetic and willing, Robert is our trusted man in Kenya. He helps us identify the needs of local people and provides an essential means of contact with the locals. 

Achieved projects - 2023

Access to free sanitary products

Teen girls living in areas of rural Kenya do not have access to menstrual protection; most of them do not attend school for the duration of their menstrual period, creating inequalities in educational outcomes.

This project targeted girls aged 11 to 15, with a dual objective:

- Information sessions, with explanations on the functioning of menstrual cycles, women’s health and hygiene, as well as awareness of the practical, economic and environmental benefits of a reusable menstrual protection. 

- Distribution of  kits containing 5 washable and reusable periodic pads + 2 panties

Information sessions and distributions to the 224 beneficiary girls took place on October 24 and 25, 2023.
We provided:
- MHH - Menstrual Health & Hygiene education
- 1120 washable and reusable sanitary pads
- 448 knickers
- 224 informational booklets

This project is over but we are continuing our actions against menstrual poverty at school. Click for more information.

School shoes and socks

Kenyan children from rural areas often walk several kilometers to school. And very often, they walk barefoot or wear extremely worn shoes.
Our goal was to equip children in primary school, from ages 6 to 12, with shoes and socks that are resistant and specially adapted to their needs.

This distribution took place on October 24 & 25 and will be renewed.
The distribution to the 156 beneficiary children took place on October 24, 2023.
We distributed:
- 156 pairs of shoes suitable for school
- 156 pairs of uniform socks

This project is over but we will renew it in January 2025. Click below to find out more.

Ongoing projects - 2024

Helping stray animals - Udaipur, India

Rugged, abandoned, sometimes cruelly mistreated and neglected, often in critical life or death situations, stray animals in the Udaipur region of India are the last to access medical care and food.

Through your donations, you can help save and provide care for these animals.

Want to join this project? Click below for further details.

School stationary for 200 primary school children - Shankar Kheda, Palkhanda and Nichli Viyal, Rajasthan, India

These children come from families that cannot afford to buy basic school equipment.

Relying on the help of NARAYAN SEWA SANSTHAN association based in Rajasthan, we want to give to each one of these 200 children a backpack containing basic school supplies, as well as water flask and an insulated lunchbox.

Will you help us? Click below for more information.

Upcoming projects - 2025

Breaking the Menstrual Barrier in Kenya - Sponsorship  1 girl at school = 5 years of menstrual protection 

Unable to obtain sanitary protection, to date, the vast majority of young Kenyan girls of menstruating age are absent from school for the entire duration of their periods.
Some of them will definitely drop out of school as soon as their first period appears.

We wish to continue our actions in favor of education and against menstrual poverty at school.

This sponsorship initiative aims to address both the educational gap and the menstrual hygiene challenges faced by these girls.

How does the project work? Please click to know more

School Shoes and socks - Kenya

During our first distribution in 2023 at Mirugi Kariuki Primary School, in Nakuru, we distributed shoes to the most deprived among the 1,500 deprived children of this school.

We saw not only the immense importance of a pair of shoes for these children, but also the concrete need for a pair of shoes for all children.

 We therefore want to renew this project and offer 1 pair of shoes to as many children as possible.
THE GOAL :  1500 pairs of shoes!

A pair of school shoes + 1 pair of socks cost between 15 and 20 euros.

Click below to find out how to help reach the goal of  1500 pairs of shoes!

How can I help?

In France, Halo - Help4All has general interest accreditation. Under French law, membership fees and donations received without recompense are eligible to a 66% tax reduction on the amounts paid for individuals (article 200 of the General Tax Code), and 60% for companies (article 238 bis of the GTC). The association is entitled to issue tax receipts for this purpose.

We use HelloAsso as a secure payment platform. HelloAsso is an association funded solely by the donations of its plateform users.  As a result, when making a donation, the platform automatically adds a contribution that does not benefit our association Halo - Help4All. To remove or decrease its amount, click on "Modify" in the summary before validating your payment.
If you prefer to pay by check or transfer, please contact us via the contact form. 

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