Menstrual pants

In Kenya, poverty is particularly concentrated in rural areas, therefore many people lack access to basic services such as clean water, electricity and health care.
In a country where about 36% of the population lives below the poverty line (less than 1,90 USD/day), menstrual protection is not a priority.

Yet, when we know that a woman has an average of 450 menstrual cycles in her life, it is worth looking into the problem, isn’t it?

Women are often the most affected by poverty and cultural discrimination, especially because of their menstrual period, which is still a taboo. Without menstrual protection, young girls are absent from school for almost the entire duration of their periods. Very often, menstruation goes along  with school drop out.  This impacts  their  education, their chances of empowerment and widens inequalities.

We wish to pursue our actions against menstrual poverty.
This new project takes the form of an individual sponsorship of €50 for 5 years per young girl.

With a donation of €50, we will ensure each sponsored girl has access to:

  • Information sessions: on how menstrual cycles work, the importance of hygiene in women's health, raising awareness of the benefits of healthy, practical and environmentally friendly menstrual protection.

  • Washable and reusable menstrual protection: We will provide AFRIpads brand underwear and sanitary pads, made in Uganda and distributed in Kenya. These protections have a lifespan of approximately 1 year. Sponsorship for 5 years will allow each sponsored girl to automatically receive a new pack of pads and underwear each year.

Not to mention the positive environmental impact for our planet, this project restores dignity and confidence to these girls, and undeniably contributes to reducing school dropouts. Your gesture will have a significant impact on their lives.
On behalf of all these young girls, thank you for your donation!