Stationary items project - India

April 22, 2024

This distribution took place joyfully at 3 schools located in remote areas of Rajasthan. The children were delighted and proud of their new school supplies!

Stationary items project - India

March 16, 2024

With the invaluable help of NGO Narayan Sewa Sansthan we are now ready for our distribution of stationary items. 200 kids will benefit from this project thanks to your generosity. Distribution will take place Tuesday March 19, 2024

General Assembly


Our first general assembly was held on Saturday, January 27, 2024, at the headquarters of the association in Bourg-Saint-Bernard, as well as via Microsoft Teams video conferencing.

We presented our activities and financial statements for 2023, as well as our ongoing and upcoming projects.

The link below provides access to the 2023 Report (in french only, sorry).


Helping stray animals -  Udaipur


Ready to take off for Rajasthan mid-March for our 2024 projects. We will start with a week of volunteering at the Animal Aid Unlimited sanctuary. Founded in 2002, this animal refuge welcomes and treats an average of 60 injured, sick, mutilated, or starving animals daily. Their dedicated teams save and care for over 7,000 animals each year.

Thanks to your donations, Halo - Help4All has committed to contributing to the care of these animals by purchasing suitable beds for the dogs. You can still be part of this action, and we thank you again for your support.

Exciting news


🌟 Thanks to the generosity of Kermesse Francophone de La Haye, we are thrilled to announce that we have doubled the number of children benefiting from our humanitarian project SCHOOL SUPPLIES - India. Their support has made it possible for us to reach more young hearts and make a positive impact on their lives. Together, we are making a difference! 🙌

Happy New Year!


In this New Year, we wish all those who share our commitment to the humanitarian cause a year full of hope, solidarity and progress.


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Halo Help4All 2023 at a glance


It was about 1 year ago!
We took the decision to create Halo - Help4All with the aim of mobilising resources to make a positive difference to the lives of those in need. A year of effort rewarded by the joy on the faces of those we've been able to help. Thank you to everyone who, through their membership and/or donation, has enabled us to take concrete action and make a tangible difference.
Here's a video overview of the projects we've completed and those to come.
On the strength of this first experience, we now want to do more and better, and are calling on your generosity to support the continuation of our actions. Thank you for your support!

Thank you AFRIpads 


We had the opportunity to visit the manufacturing factory of pads and underwear located in Masaka, Uganda. We were warmly welcomed by Danstan, the factory director. 

In Kampala, we met Joris Boon, CEO of AFRIpads, to discuss our partnership and upcoming projects. Thank you for your availability Joris.

Also many thanks to Daniel, for organizing our visits; to Gloria for the excellent training that made us proud certified AFRIpads trainers, as well as for her strong support for our initiatives; to Joyce (AFRIpads Kenya) for her hospitality and availability.

Special thanks to the AFRIpads Foundation for graciously providing the 224 informative booklets that were later given to the young girls beneficiaries.

Thank you Bata Shoe Kenya


Thank you to the Bata shoe factory located in Limuru, Kenya, and especially to Michael and Julius for their hospitality. 

We hope to continue our collaboration and look forward to expanding our partnership with Bata Shoe Kenya for the next phase of the project.

Thank you to Mirugi Kariuki primary school


Thank you to the school principal for the warm welcome; to Alice for her support at every stage of the projects; to Zipporah, Gladys, and all the other teachers for their invaluable assistance in preparing the distributions.

A special thanks to Robert, our tireless Kenyan partner, for his invaluable help. 

You all have been essential pillars of the success of these initiatives.

What an amazing welcoming !


The extraordinary welcome we received from the teachers and the 1400 children in this school is a tangible validation of the significant impact we've had on their lives. 

It demonstrates the importance of our initiatives and shows that our actions have been implemented in a respectful, sensitive, and collaborative manner, taking into account their cultural specificities and unique needs.

The tote bags !


The tote bags beautifully decorated by the children from the primary schools of Bourg Saint Bernard, GaurĂ©, and Vallesvilles were truly appreciated. 

A simple yet meaningful gesture that touched both the children and the teachers. Thank you, kids!

Sanitary pads Project - Kenya 2023


224 young girls received information on menstrual cycle awareness, female hygiene, and the use&care of washable and reusable menstrual protection. 

Each girl then received a kit containing 5 pads + 2 underwear. 

The impact of this initiative is significant as it enables these young girls to stay in school.

Schoolshoe Project -Kenya 2023


156 pairs of shoes and socks distributed to the most underprivileged children at Mirugi Kariuki School, near the city of Nakuru. So much joy for these children, always smiling and warm.

Newsletter N.2


The second edition of our Newsletter is here! You will find the latest information about our activities and an update on our ongoing projects! 

Happy reading!

World Humanitarian Day


This day serves as a reminder of our role as global citizens and how we can contribute to alleviating human and animal suffering. Whether it's making a donation, participating in local initiatives, or advocating for fair and inclusive policies, each of us has the opportunity to make a positive difference and contribute to building a more compassionate and united world.

For Halo Help4All, generosity, compassion, and empathy are universal values. Through our projects, we aim to assist those in need, regardless of their origins or beliefs. 

By uniting our efforts, we can maximize our impact and demonstrate that solidarity transcends geographical and cultural borders.

Support our efforts, join us, make a donation.

Bits of fabric, a bit of work, and a lot of willing...

08/08/2023 create the 50 stuffed animals that we need. Each child will have the surprise of receiving a small toy in their tote bag along with the shoes.

Shoe order placed !



The list is ready, and the 150 pairs of shoes have been ordered from Bata Shoe Kenya in Limuru. This supplier appeared to be the most reliable among the various options. The shoe model will be the Agrifoglio, with the same design for both girls and boys. Quality shoes for optimal durability.

Krys supports Halo 



We are delighted to announce the invaluable support of Krys for our organization. 

Thank you  Krys !

An extra little smile 


During one of our presentations at schools, a child asked us, "do they (the Kenyan children) have toys?" The idea of adding an extra little smile to these action took the form of a small stuffed animal, which will be included inside the fabric bag. The children participated by generously donating one of their own stuffed animals for the Kenyan children.

This heartwarming gesture not only adds a touch of comfort but also connects the children from different parts of the world in a shared moment of kindness. It is a beautiful reminder of the universal language of compassion that transcends borders.

We are grateful for the empathy and generosity demonstrated by these children, making the project even more special and meaningful.

Raising awareness !


Today primary schools of GaurĂ© (31590) and Vallesvilles (31570) welcomed us for awareness  on the humanitarian/charitable approach and the presentation of the Kenya project: 1 child = 1 pair of shoes. The children are delighted to participate to this project through the customization of a tote bag that will be used to offer the shoes to Kenyan children. 

Thank you to them for their enthusiasm and to the school teachers for their support and involvement! 

Acteva supports Halo


We are delighted to announce the invaluable support of Acteva for our organization. With deep gratitude, we express our appreciation to Acteva for their trust in our humanitarian mission.

Menstrual World Health Day 


On World Menstrual Health Day, we are proud to announce our partnership with AFRIpads.
AFRIpads is a solidarity company based in Uganda, from which we will buy a pack of 5 reusable pads + 3 panties for each one of the 150 teenagers who will benefit from our action planned this October. We are also AFRIpads certified trainers, ready to provide information sessions to these young girls and thus enable them to better understand the transformations of their bodies in this so natural period of their lives. Take a step towards ending taboos and improving the living conditions of these young teenagers. 
Click on the link below to watch the video "Menstrual World Health Day 28/05"

Our first tote bags are ready to go !


And here are the first 50 bags so beautifully decorated and signed by the children of the Pastel School in Bourg Saint Bernard. The children’s involvement is felt in these drawings that will make the happiness of Kenyan children next October when they receive their shoes. Thanks again to the Pastel School and the children for their participation.

French kids participation


The Pastel School in Bourg Saint Bernard welcomed us to present the project: 1 child = 1 pair of shoes/ Kenya. Thank you to the school director, Ms.Beauhaire, as well as the teachers of the CP and CE1 grades classes for their help and support. The children will participate in this project by drawing and writing their first name on cloth bags that will be used to distribute shoes to a hundred children of the Miriugi Kariuki Primary School in the Lake Nakuru region. Each bag will be personalized and signed by a french child for a Kenyan child, a message of love and empathy!

Newsletter Halo #1


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Menstrual issues

Menstruation is as natural as breathing.
Menstrual period should not be an obstacle to the development of women and girls, and it is up to all of us to help improve the situation. Join our efforts, make a donation.

1 child/ 1 pair of shoes


Fundraising for this project is underway. Below is our promotional video for this project

We’re on La Dépêche!

March 25, 2023

An interview with Vincent Guillaud, our co-founder.

We're on Instagram!

March 18, 2023

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We're on Facebook!

March 18, 2023

Our Facebook page is online. Follow us to access all the news and follow the progress of our projects. 
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International Women’s Day

March 08, 2023

Today is International Women’s Day. 

Halo supports the feminine condition with its project of access to reusable menstrual protections. Donate and support our project "Menstrual Pants".  Your donation will allow a young woman with no resources to avoid missing school just because she is a woman and she has her period. 


March 03, 2023

RAINBOW COLORFUL TALENTS is a sponsor of our project "School supplies for children of Shankar Kheda Primary School in Rajasthan". We warmly thank Julie Chaptal Romain and RAINBOW COLORFUL TALENTS for their donation and support.
Click below to see the sponsorship announcement video

3-2-1 GO!

March 03, 2023

After many hours of hard work, we are now ready to start! Today we've released our website and shared our charity's different projects on the web. 
Click the button below to watch our launch video. 

Hooray! Our association is born!

January 24, 2023 

We are officially a non-profit and of general interest association, duly registered. Our articles of association -  in french only, sorry :) - are available by clicking the button below.