Helping stray animals in India

For several years now, we have been following and supporting the activities of the AAU association - Animal Aid Unlimited, located in Udaipur India, as well as VOSAH - Voice of Stray Animals  located in Hapur. These shelters are doing an extraordinary job of rescuing and caring for many stray animals.

Vincent and I were welcomed at AAU and VOSAH in 2024 for short volunteer stays helping the animals housed in these shelters.
With your donations, we were able to purchase them suitable beds and essential veterinary care items needed for their recovery.

During our time at these shelters, we witnessed the dedication of the volunteer teams to these animals. 

But besides care and cuddles, these animals desperately need material items .

We will continue to support street animals in India. 

You too can help these beautiful animals. Please use the donate button right below.

Thank you!