Thailand - Elephant rescue

Our first project

The technique for "domesticating" wild elephants involves breaking the animal's spirit to make it obedient to humans. This technique often includes separating the young elephant from its mother and isolating it, followed by severe physical restrictions, abuse, and deprivation of food and sleep. Elephants are often confined in small cages where they cannot move and are beaten into submission.

The goal of this project is to rescue one of the many elephants in abusive situations by purchasing it from its current owner. The animal will then be transported to Elephant Nature Park, an animal sanctuary created by Save Elephant Foundation. There, it will receive health care, have enough food and live with dignity and safety among its peers.

The cost of rescuing an elephant is estimated at €15,000-25,000.

Would you like to help us save an elephant? Make a donation via the link hereunder, or contact us via the contact form of this website!

The sanctuary

Elephant Nature Park (ENP) is an animal sanctuary located in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand. Founded in the 1990s, this park currently hosts 5000 various animals, including 140 rescued elephants.

Elephant Nature Park and Save Elephant Foundation were created by Lek Chailert, who was awarded the Legion of Honour in 2022 . Lek Chailert and ENP have received numerous awards worldwide for their work in animal welfare, and the park has been featured in various documentaries and media outlets highlighting its impactful initiatives.

To learn more about the foundation and its unique sanctuary in Thailand, click the button below.

Our partnership

Our partnership with Save Elephant Foundation will enable our organizations to expand fundraising efforts dedicated to the rescue of elephants.

Together, we can strengthen our organizational capacities and increase our visibility to enhance the impact of our animal protection and welfare programs in Thailand.

Below is a link to the presentation video of our partnership.